Amazon Theater

As the world’s largest online retailer, sells more books and CDs than any other company on the web. But for most customers, that is where the online shopping cart comes to a halt. Since the launch of the site in 1995 has grown from an online bookseller to an internet mega-store, expanding their product offering to include just about anything: CDs, jewelry, apparel, toys, tools, electronics, even gourmet food. And when the 2004 Holiday season was fast-approaching, needed to find a way to drive consumer awareness of the breadth of products available for purchase on and increase sales in categories other than just books and CDs. Amazon Theater is a series of short films that combine unique storylines, top Hollywood talent and progressive technology to demonstrate the variety of products available for purchase on The five original films are diverse in their content and cinematic approaches, each developed to seamlessly accommodate a variety of products in their storylines in a non-overt way. The first priority was to engage customers with exclusive content they would seek out on their own, but the films also had to provide interactive opportunities for product discovery and purchase. To accomplish this, we treated the products as featured members of the cast in scrollable credits at the end of each film, leading customers directly to featured items for purchase. Responsible for Interactive Creative Direction Produced at Fallon Amazon Theater
Do Geese See God
Agent Orange
Tooth Fairy
Careful What You Wish For
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