BMW Films "The Hire"

Recognized as one of the Best of the Decade by the One Club in the One Show Interactive competition, BMW Films was ahead of its time in the advertising industry paving the way for more on-line branded content. Eight films were created over two seasons featuring a range of BMW vehicles, Hollywood greats and up-and-coming film stars. Eight A-List directors contributed to the effort making highly engaging short films for the small screen. Each story centered around a hired driver, played by the then relatively unknown Clive Owen, to transport someone or something from one place to another. Films were available to be exclusively seen streaming at, on a dealer distributed DVD, and through a custom-built download-able film player. This innovative player provided a larger, more immerse viewing experience that would keep you informed as each new film was released. This series was created in 2001, pre-dating YouTube. The films were also available to download and view on portable hand-held devices—long before the iPhone existed. It has received virtually every major industry award competition including Cannes, One Show, Clio, Communication Arts magazine and Creative Review magazine. The Titanium Lion category was created at Cannes as a result of these films.

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