Michael Lynne's Tennis

One of the last remaining independent tennis shops in the Midwest, Michael and Mimsy Lynne provide the kind of personal attention and expert advice that only comes from helping players enjoy the game more for over 20 years. Forced to compete with big box retailers who lack tennis expertise and on-line retailers who lack in-person product and game counseling, Michael needed an identity that established him as the local tennis expert outfitter. The timeless design celebrates the best of tennis’ past and its future. It represents Michael’s old school approach to customer service while offering the latest and greatest in equipment technology. Using an opportunity to remind players how much the equipment has changed over the years, Michael supports an annual social tennis event in which players compete with wooden racquets for bragging rights, door prizes and post-match cocktails. Over the years Michael has gathered an extensive collection of vintage wooden racquets, and he is one of the few experts who still knows how to properly string them. Posters were created to advertise at the club hosting the event, Michael’s tennis shop and as a memento for the event participants. MLTennis.com is a single-page modular experience that features the latest products in the store, provides advice for the most often asked questions, and encourages players to come in for a visit. Ultimately, it’s in the shop where you’ll find a tennis partner to help you get the most out of the game you love.

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