Panera Bread. Live Consciously. Eat Deliciously.

Live Consciously. Eat Deliciously. A new brand micro-site sharing Panera Bread's belief of making the tough decisions that make for better food and a better community. The story is one that Panera has been humbly living for some time. They just needed a way to let others know about their belief in corporate community consciousness. It’s a circular story that demonstrates how every choice made leads to another until it comes back around to the beginning again. The journey is told through a Rube Goldberg type of experience with actions triggering each next step along the way. Much of the charm of the experience comes from the hand-crafted wooden set pieces that reflect Panera’s artisanal approach to making delicious food. Additional learning opportunities that demonstrate how Panera puts their values into practice are available throughout the main experience . The site was built using current HTML5 coding and responsive design practices ensuring that it is available at your desk or on your phone or tablet device while visiting a Panera store.

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