Traditional sweatbands suffer from a basic weakness—saturation. All fabrics eventually become soaked and stop absorbing, leaving you with sweat dripping in your eyes and on your glasses. Not only is it painful and distracting, it affects your performance and can be potentially dangerous. The innovative GUTR sweatband captures and channels sweat away from your eyes and glasses, allowing you stay focused on what matters. The sleek design is lightweight, durable and easy to clean. It is comfortable and easy to adjust for a perfect fit. With a slim profile, it fits comfortably under a variety of head gear—including cycling helmets, hard hats, military, and most all sports helmets. The same technology found in the sweatband is integrated into the UltraCool Visor. For athletes committed to prolonged periods in the sun, the visor provides protection from the sun and sweat. The performance visor features moisture-wicking fabric for easy cleaning. It's engineered to keep the fabric off your forehead giving you better air circulation. Not only do you keep your cool, you stay cool.

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