Lee Made-to-Measure

Finding a pair of jeans that fits well isn't easy. Most aren't lucky enough to pull a pair off the shelf that couldn't use some improvements from a tailor. Lee Jeans created a custom-fit jeans process that allows women to get jeans that perfectly match their body and style.
A Made-to-Measure Kit was available at stores where you purchased jeans. Inside the kit was a tape measure, a leotard with printed measurement locations, and set of simple instructions that would walk you through taking your measurements, selecting denim style, color, and finish. 
Women could call or mail in their information (this was pre-internet). At Lee, a custom pattern was generated from the measurements provided. A few weeks later, a perfectly-fitting pair of jeans would arrive at their home. Additional pairs could easily be ordered and delivered.
It would have been a huge success if not for one critical flaw in the system. With the process being self-directed, the measurements provided were not always the actual measurements. Oops.

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