SNOOZ is an elegantly designed acoustic noise machine that turns your bedroom into a haven for sleep and compliments your modern aesthetic. With a real fan inside, SNOOZ helps you fall asleep to the natural soothing sound of moving air without actually blowing cold air on you. 


We set out to create a premium sleep product that would be a welcome addition in the bedroom. Designed to be discreet, SNOOZ blends into a variety of environments. On the outside its a beautifully designed object. On the inside it's a perfectly engineered tool for sleep.
The simple, spherical shape and soft fabric shell add depth and texture to the design while remaining subtle yet intuitive in its functionality. In addition to concealing the mechanical fan and venting within, the 3D knit fabric also acts as a floating surface that rotates around the core, allowing for tone adjustment with a simple turn.  A capacitative white top surface uses LED icons that disappear when not in use. Its lightweight, compact design makes SNOOZ ultra-portable for easy travel.
Using a Bluetooth connection and the SNOOZ app, users can control a variety of features from their smartphone, including adjusting and calibrating the volume and setting automatic timers.

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