LINK your world (app)
The LINK app is a unifying digital platform that allows you to connect every aspect of your modern life. You are at the center with a smart assistant that keeps you informed and takes action on your behalf. Personal preferences and daily automations keep you moving forward at home, the office, or on the road.

Software Visualization
Automate your automobile with voice-controlled valet actions.
AutoLINK captures and customizes your driving world. Preferences can be accessible for multiple vehicles—including rentals—to ensure you are always comfortable in the driver's seat.
Be the master of your castle with your personal voice-controlled butler.
HomeLINK transforms your place into a smarter, integrated, personal space. Daily routines are efficiently automated ensuring things run smoothly while keeping you safe and in control of your nest.
Direct your visual world with a voice-controlled photo assistant.
PhotoLINK captures and helps control your visual world. With a LINK Hub connected, you can host a collaborative live photo shoot that automates image capture, auto-tagging, filtering, and sharing.

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