Proposed X-ACTO Brand Identity

X-ACTO Blade / Iconic X cut into the precision blackened blade
Blade Holder / Cushioned finger grip doubles as a blade protector
Blade Holder Packaging / Peg-friendly hanging package doubles as a travel case / 2 halves screw together
Spring-loaded Replacement Blade Dispenser / Case is 100% recyclable made from the same metal as the blades
Replacement Blade Packaging / Reversible and reusable for used blade capture, return shipping, and recycling
For many professionals, high-quality tools are created to last a lifetime and indispensable. One of the core aspects of the X-ACTO experience is a disposable blade. These blades must be replaced regularly to ensure sharpness and precision. 
In a world where we are re-examining sustainability and environmental impact, should any part of the brand be “disposable?” Many users were unclear on how to properly dispose of blades or if they could be recycled. 
We explored ways to rethink the user experience and how the brand communicated sustainability. We asked ourselves, "As market leaders, how do we continue to innovate? Can we maintain, or even increase, our brand value through sustainability? Can we teach a new behavior inside our community?"
We set up a way to close the loop with recyclable materials and better recycling practices. 
Starting with the blades themselves, we specified a high performance and recyclable metal. They were made easier to identify by using an iconic "X" knockout and a blackened appearance often seen in high quality knives. 
We redesigned the blade dispenser out of the same recyclable metal as the blades, so the entire dispenser with used blades can be added to the normal recycling channels.
Made from recycled materials, the blade holder packaging served double duty as a protective travel case. 
The replacement blade packaging also had more than one purpose. After removing the blade dispensers from the package, the box can be inverted to reveal a pre-printed return shipping label. It was now ready to be used as a container to capture used blades and ship them back to X-ACTO for recycling. 
This fresh approach is precisely what is needed to ensure X-ACTO remains the preferred professional tool now and into the future.

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