Cedar Fair "Thrills Connect" Brand Experience
Cedar Fair wished to encourage park visitors come more often. We know that nothing bonds as quickly as a shared adrenaline rush, and we believe that memories of great times together should last forever. 

With the Cedar Fair Thrills Connect Experience, you'll capture your bonding time together like never before. With the help of the Cedar Fair Thrills Connect App, you and your group can capture and track every ride, every photo, every tweet, every post and unlocked badge—as it happens. Later you can enjoy reliving the experience through a rich digital time line of the trip. The best moments can be selected to create a unique high quality, custom-printed, coffee table style book like no other. 

For a park visitor, this is a exceptional reward for the effort and a unique memento for those sharing the experience. For the park owner, it's an evergreen tool for encouraging a repeat visit. 
Additionally, the digital time line spreads the excitement and enjoyment of the trip through the group's social network of friends and family, raising awareness of the park experience and the promise of connecting through the thrills that only Cedar Fair amusement parks can provide.

The book cover features each member of your group connected to one another and to the rides that you enjoyed at the park. The book serves as a record of all that you accomplished while letting you see that there is more waiting for you on your next visit. 

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