The goal was to shift LensCrafter's brand to be more fashion than function. 

Most shoppers knew that you could get a pair of glasses from LensCrafters in an hour, but they may not have known that they also carry all of the top brands. Eye wear does more than just correct poor vision. It's an important fashion accessory at the center of your look. The web site needed to demonstrate the brand's fashion expertise while improving the overall experience of finding the right frames. 

By uploading a photo of yourself, the Frame Finder better helps you determine what type of frames work well for your face shape. For a more convenient experience, scheduling an appointment on-line is easier than ever with the ability to see available openings with one of the many eye doctors in the LensCrafters network. 

The design of the site was a simple and elegant solution utilizing a card-like selection of Products, Style and Service. It featured large images of the stylish eye wear and the easy to read advice. The color palette was consistent with the newly redesigned retail stores. 

Forrester Research recognized the site for it’s beautiful and effective navigation, proving that form and function is very much in fashion

Responsible for Design and Creative Direction / Created at Tribal DDB

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