Mouth guards can be made anywhere, including on the field. The packaging unfolds providing instructions and a platform on which to make the mouthguard.

The case has a UV transparent window and venting to keep the guard clean, and also integrates a carabiner to encourage it to live outside your bag.

Dick's Sporting Goods Display

ZONE Mouthguard

ZONE™ is a disruptive new custom-fit mouthguard that MINIMAL developed from the ground up in partnership with leading nueromuscular dentist, Dr. David Frey. ZONE’s patented material technology allows athletes of all ages and levels to create an individualized, affordable mouthguard quickly and conveniently without boiling. By simply mixing the moldable materials together and biting down on the guard, anyone can produce an unobtrusive mouthguard that is ready in just minutes. This freedom from boiling enables athletes to make comfortable protective guards anywhere, anytime, reducing barriers and protecting more people from concussion and impact related injuries. 
To give Dr. Frey's idea the best chance for success, he and his partners enlisted MINIMAL. The challenge was to take the raw idea and create a turnkey product and brand. Over the span of a year, MINIMAL developed the product design, sourced materials and custom PVS formulations, created and tested prototypes, developed the branding and graphic design, and created and filed new IP. Ultimately the design team knew that for a new product like ZONE to succeed in an established category, the focus had to be on the user and exceed their expectations in every way. MINIMAL also knew that ZONE would need a strong retail partner with an incentive to promote the technology, and connected the project to DICK'S, the largest sporting goods retailer in the country, which ultimately resulted in an exclusive licensing deal on the brand and technology. 

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